Litt informasjon om mitt atelier og hva som skjer



London Art Biennale 2017


 **The beginning of 2017 has also been dedicated to developing new designs for knitted garments and clothing.  These will soon be represented both at my web page as well as Facebook and Instagram with the possibility of ordering patterns. – This will be very exciting endeavor.

 **Preperations has been made for the London Art Biennale 2017, whisch is held in March/April, and I can now look forward to departure.


 **In the september 2016 I received an invitation to participate with several works at the Florence(Firenze)Biennale in October 2017.

 **In February 2016 I received an invitation to participated at the London Art Biennale in March 2017.

 **I am again participating in the annual autumn exhibition hosted by Lions Club, in Lørenskog 21st-23rd of October.

 **Gallery Sjøfryd, Stavern, is again wishing you all welcome from the 25th of June and will be open throughout the month of July.  And again this summer the exhibition will consist of primarily new works.

 **At the beginning of the year I sent several works to Gallery Rosso Cinabro in Rome.  This is a new collaboration and will be exciting to see how it is received.

 **I have also received an invitation to show more of my works during the Lions Club exhibition at Lørenskog autumn 2016.  After the success of 2015 I answer yes to this invitation as well, of course.


 **This Autumn I was represented at an exhibition held by Lions Club, Lørenskog, where I received good critques and had a nice sales.

 **The Biennale in Chianciano is well over.  Again I was honored with Special Mention for my works in general.

** After earlier involvement I am again invited to participate at the Chianchano Biennale, Italy, in September. Earlier I’ve sold to attending gallery owners there, and I’ve also been given an award in the category “painting”. This makes me proud, and there is no less ambition when I meet there in September this year. http://www.museodarte.org/EN/Biennale.html

 ** Again my Summer Gallery were well visited, with sales and good feedback.

 ** Fefòr Høyfjellshotell announced a competition where one was to design mittens for the hotel. I designed, knitted and won. The “Fefòrvott” is now sold at the hotel and in my own gallery.


 ** A lot time were spent preparing and working to get Galleri Sjøfryd ready, and it was opened on the 4th of July, First and foremost this is to be a summer gallery, but there is the possibility that I will open the doors during other events, like the autumn art happening in Stavern, “Høstutstillingen”.

 ** Exhibition in Ringebu during spring.


 ** Took my Atelier Anden Etage with me to Stavern.This meant no more hosting of the Croquis Evenings on Tuesdays.

 ** Participated again in “Kulturnatt i Larvik”, opening my doors for the audience. A lot of nice people interested in art came by.

 ** I was invited with three specific artworks to the Chianciano Biennale, Italy, 17th – 24th of September. I also sold to a Swiss gallery, which was exciting.

 ** Parts of the summer was spent on a work and study trip to Svalbard.


 ** Participated in “Kulturnatt i Larvik” again.

 ** Croquis continued as usual throughout the autumn until the end of the year.

 ** Was contracted by Larvik Husflidslag for teaching free hand drawing/painting at their week long summer art seminar for kids and youths.

 **The summer art seminar at Fritzøe Verk was in week 26 for ages 9-13 was full, and I was lecturing as earlier in free hand drawing. New this year was that the kids were also allowed to paint directly on canvas with acrylic paint. This was an activity that really brought out the creativity with the students.

 ** The year started with planning of painting classes.


 ** During the “Kulturnatt i Larvik” we offered an hour long event with croquis three times to everyone with a Kulturpass that was interested. This ended up being immensely popular despite rather sparse marketing.

 ** Exhibited at the Chianciano Biennale where I got two awards on the category “paiting”. I got many new contacts and met a lot of new people which I appreciated highly and whom I still keep in touch with sporadically.

 ** Again there was an activity week during summer for almost 70 kids in ages 9-13. At my Atelier Anden Etage I taught free hand drawing. It was very exciting to see the kids’ approach and spontaneity.

 ** The Croquis Evenings were hosted at my Atelier Anden Etage throughout the year – apparently the only opportunity in Vestfold where there were both female and male models.


 ** I was invited to exhibit at the Broadway Gallery NYC and showed two artworks during the exhibition “Artists and Home & Abroad” throughout December. Among other things this also lead to further invitasjons, like Chianciano Biennale, Muse D’arte di Chianciano, Italy. http://www.museodarte.org/EN/Biennale.html

 ** For the sixth time I was selected for the Romeriksutstillingen, a jury selection exhibition.

 ** The autumn was for the most part filled with lithography where I got classes and a work apprenticeship at a graphic workshop until Christmas. This something I continued with in 2011 and I worked further with with photolitho. This gave and exciting and useful innsight into a noble and old art form that is becoming popular again.

 **I was awarded the 1st prize in “drawing” at a web based art competition.

 ** Croquis Evenings with both drop in and steady artists were held at my Atelier Anden Etage.